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Stop Datamining, Save Online Poker

Operators of legislative opposition and unscrupulous fickle public, to name a few - in its relatively short history has exposed several threats online poker. These threats exist, but there is a relatively new threat that could be even more troublesome for industry.

This is known as data mining, and critics as I think it is a trend that supports evil ultimately undermine the ability of online poker player to a healthy and sustainable. Data mining is not a new trend in itself "- in terms of online poker, there were players who is actively trying to acquire data sets of products online - but the current incarnation of the data mining tools and resources is so advanced and so pervasive that even if you have read this article, the nature of online poker as a game radically changed.

What is data mining? If you're not familiar, here is a summary. Every time a poker hand is played, a text file is created with the details of this hand. This file is commonly called a hand history. In the early days of online poker, the text files are usually only for the players involved in the hand, and are not of much interest, except for players who want to check their game

As time passed and the game has developed a cottage industry has found that the tools developed for players who want to monitor their hand histories in depth. Programs like PokerTracker database part of the story is a useful raw material soon - you can import all hands and detailed breakdown of all aspects of his game as a side effect, they also have a decent information accumulated on his opponents planned .

If there was a problem. However, once the engineering data of the bottle, it was not possible to fill back in. The players quickly realized that although useful information about your own game, a complete library of data was potential opponents was necessary. People gathered hand histories and exchange with other players, and it was not long before business services saw the potential to make money and start (by different processes and mysterious) collect hand histories on a large scale. Sites such as scratches Ratings table poker played at PokerStars, Full Tilt and other key locations, providing complete data on all playing on these pages members to almost 100% of all hands on cash. Sites like HandHQ collect hand histories of millions and sell parcels to interested players.

In short, if you play a poker hand on a large site, you can make your next opponent (and likely) to access this information.

It is not hard to see why this trend is potentially disastrous for online poker. Regulars victorious players in part-time around gamers and casual equilibrium that appear in autumn and some buy-ins from time to time - the ecosystem of online poker is mainly composed of three groups. Data mining provides the first class, decimated the injury to the second and third.

Earn regular players player wins regularly because they make use of all edges to them. Data mining is a great advantage, and how to use the winner essentially ensures that the middle and lower class players go broke faster than they would without data mining. That is, if a regular player and a part-time player both have access to the same information, it can be assumed that current is used not only more information, but also to better use. Patrons can also use their hands stock quickly identify casual player - if a player in a table without a lot of hands to see in their database, they know the opportunity the player is a player less qualified Leisure is high . With the time spent with the data in order to reach some kind of fight with each other - this is not collusion or soft playing in the strict sense of the word, but if you recognize 3 people accustomed to his table and does not recognize the fourth, ensuring that the four usual may strive to follow the easy money.

The result: too bad players bigs are getting faster your bust size. That means less money for the part-time player who has also prepared against the regulars even better to struggle to make their money through the edge of data mining. Ultimately, the players have a part time job and the room ecosystem in a steady stream of amateur players (not easy to generate), leave quickly to keep their games.

So if you do not put the genie back in the bottle, what is the answer? Create a large bottle or kill the genius. Both are viable solutions for online poker, but there is some innovation and pressure from casual players have to do.

One possible solution: anonymous tables. This is a suggestion that is floating in time, and not without merit. If everyone could change your user name on a regular basis, data mining has become irrelevant. You can still collect data about yourself, but the hands of the other players would be largely useless. The problem with this solution is that it will be difficult to convince any important piece to the first step. One idea is to have the room temporarily for this policy gradually entering "anonymous" tables where players can choose a nickname, but most of the reception function in a traditional way.

Another: a crackdown on websites that are dedicated to facilitate data mining or politics or player software hard to use the data to make the play. Stars and Full Tilt have both publicly announced their intention to enter in data mining, however, despite these statements, there was not a single hiccup in fact flow. You need to show a real effort to stop the client Chamber Lg their time and resources invested in high demand and probably in other projects and priorities. E-mail support in both houses - as often as necessary - until you think they are very clear about the importance of the issue from their perspective.

Information is power in poker, and it's never a good thing when the most powerful have unlimited access to data pin. If you like the game, now reduced to act now to keep this game tomorrow.

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