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Early Stages of 1-Table Poker Tournaments, Common Opponent Mistakes

Poker Tournaments Single Table is an excellent way to enjoy the match live or online, for fun with friends, or with real money prizes. Once you know the most common mistakes that your opponents in these games, they earn become second nature. Here we look to learn from the mistakes of the first games for you, how to use them.

   Some of the mistakes your opponents will do in the early stages are too large to be ignored. These include:

   - Playing too many hands, especially "easily dominated" Hands

- Chasing flushes and straights Against The Odds

- Overestimation hands

- Play passive, Horrible, Poker Calling! "

Let me start with an example to play easily dominated hands, take the example of as-seven offsuit in middle position. To become an active player in several players from the first, and those left behind This example calls the bet that our players think the hand not good enough to make a backup copy. One of the players in the pot, also called - note that if someone put up here while our players were forced to withdraw, loss of chips!

   Before reaching the flop, we about to see what our players think.? An ace? Now, this can be a problem because there are two players in the pot, and each may have a better kicker with his ace. How about seven? That might work, but what if there were more cards? Where we are, even if it is the highest card, how can we be sure not to start an opponent with top pair, as dozens or cats?

   This hand is simply "dominated", ie to win the most hands played against 70% or more of the favorite to win the pot. In this case, including maps have a better side (table) or seven or more pairs. Free play dominated hands in a situation where your opponent does not always play poker problem - you will not know if you are ahead, but much of this precious chips.

   Returning to our example - unless our players leave flop a strong hand, 2-pair or better, things are going to speculate after the flop. SNG down your opponents play more unpredictable for the information you need will often chips that could have been saved for the cost center and important scenarios bubble. Get used to both increase the marginal hands to do especially with the players yet. An important part of our strategy is to look for simple decisions, and avoid "things close" whenever possible.

   The same situation was repeated in poker players call with Ace-Nine, Jack, King, Queen-five right hands and all kinds of ... only to discover that they have no idea where they will have to post flop.

   Early Stages Tip: Choose your hands with little chance dominates (as high pairs or more), or hands that give you instant feedback on the flop * - used to bend the hands tempting but expensive "In Between".

   * Hands as they are small pairs, with those who are basically trying to hit trips or folded post-flop action you are missing.

   Error 2 - Chasing Against The Odds is a common mistake, especially in the lower limits. Many of you have experienced the horror of seeing an enemy named half his stack with a single color, only to hit the river (for example). Compounding this problem is that many opponents call call call vote, do not get up until they reach their magic card ...

   Learn basic poker odds and outs before another game. Instead of calling often make big profits if you are a strong pull - give your opponent the opportunity to overtake. If someone hunting "and so grateful, they offer a good price to go and think about it in terms of cards to over time, rather than the individual hand. If you lose or if your opponent, current figures of 2/1 for the jar of something that will happen only 1 out of 4 times, they lose money ... and they actually lost very quickly. Without this type of poker players who play harder and far - so be sure to identify them and their money successfully.

   Error 3 - During revision of hands ... We covered this a little difficult to talk about dominance. However, the current evaluation of the hand is released. Aces, kings and queens are considered by beginners and double cards, and played often painfully slow, so catch their opponents with small pairs or drawing hands. This error is easy to treat, wait until you can beat a pair and get the chips in.

   An even bigger mistake when overvaluation hands after the flop too stubborn. Some players try to flop to resist a pair of medium as a safe bet, and all movements to fold. During a game of pairs of hands is a killer in most forms of poker, be sure to keep a watchful eye to keep on your own response to these hands and fold it in a position where the action is difficult - especially if more than one opponents in the pot.

   Error 4 - Play passive, Calling, Horrible poker ... Call too often, the lower limit of SNG players 'leaks' the largest single market in their games. How to see that there is only one way to make a phone call when you call - you must show your opponent the best poker hand at the showdown. Today, more than half the hands never come to a showdown, someone wins the pot before the cards are revealed holes. Think passive callers develop over time? Of course not, recognize the rare occasions when they do, they each bet a monster and quickly folds.

   Play positive, aggressive poker, not only gives you more ways to win, you save bullets when they hit well. The increase in the labor force in the middle and recovery can bend (or see the flop and fold if you miss) the price of the original bet. When these hands never be sure if your opponent is bluffing call, it showed weakness. Many of his opponents continue to inspire paris

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