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вторник, 30.01.2018 11:32

What Is 3-Betting Pre-Flop In No-Limit Holdem Poker?

If someone raises before the flop in no-limit hold'em poker, advertise that they have a good hand. How is the quality depends on the player, and may be undesirable header only few percent of the whole hand in case of an aggressive opponent. This player has to act with several players still relaunch, from the key (to steal the blinds) will also affect the amount of hand strength shows the initial stimulus. 3-bet poker raises again after someone has already entered the pot with a raise. This is actually the second increase, but the blinds are considered as the first action, if this motion is a 3-bet. If you back up to show a lot of strength. In fact, they say: "I know, the original time, has a good hand, and my hand is strong enough to get back up here also, the amount of force to the situation and the dynamics of international actors. . The most common reason to do this is to approach value. This means that your hand is strong enough to really want to get more money in the pot before the flop. Pair of aces and kings almost always raised again the evidence, AK queens and often - in other hands more dependent on the hands that you perceive as the increase of his opponent. For example, if you can raise 3-bet a thief, but the button with 50% of the hands, there is a very large number of legitimate hands, which re-raise for value. You can bet that semi-bluff in many situations three. For example, a late position player lift, which ise with 20% o


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